Ponte Vecchio!

Hello everyone!

Hope all’s well – here’s a little collection of Ponte Vecchio shots with added filters in camera+, all taken with iPhone, all from the last few days here in Florence.

Vote on your favorite! :):):)


August in Italy :)

This summer has been fantastic! Sweet temperatures and fresh air every day 🙂

Here’s Arno this Sunday morning:

Arno beauty..

Summer in Florence

After some great days in Bologna we’re back in Florence for another month, and it’s really nice here now in mid-June! Not too many tourists (if you avoid the middle of the historical center), and a sweet 26 degrees..

Here are some snapshots from our first few days here:

We’re also back to having conversational courses twice a week and visiting old friends at the British Institute for Afternoon Tea every Thursday.

A great time in beautiful Florence!



Wrapping up six weeks of traveling in the south of Europe with a few days in Bologna. Always beautiful Bologna 🙂


The city is so beautiful now..



From Florence and the Baptistry of Dante:


Autumn Days.

After a chill week in the middle of October it’s getting warmer and more pleasant again, and the beautiful autumns colors are coming too.. Here are some shots from walking around in the city: